THE OFFICIAL TOURISM GUIDE Mobarak lives with his Bedouin family in ASNI. ASNI is located about 47 kilometers south of Marrakech at the foot of the Atlas Mountains and right on the highest peak of North Africa, the Toubkal with 4167 m altitude and near the ski Oukeimden 3,200 meters.

Tours and mountaineering in Asni
From there, and especially of ASNI can make many trips and mountain tours, accompanied Mobarak for 16 years for various agencies as a tour guide. Mobarak speaks his mother tongue “in Arabic. Bedouin. Berber “also fluent in German, English, French and Spanish and can thus lead your hiking trips professional.

Mobarak was born in ASNI and comes from a Bedouin family that lived in the Sahara. After the death of his father in 1975 when he was 3 to 4 years old, the family stayed in ASNI and no longer moved as nomads on. Mobarak had visited the only child of the family from the age of 6 years of school in ASNI. He later studied in a school in Marrakech. Until A Rooms in MoroccoBitur and even after he learned intensively German.

Since 2014 Mobarak has with his wife and his 3 children accommodation in ASNI. In this loving family, you can taste the traditional and varied cuisine of the Bedouins and Berbers.

The family of Mobarak looking forward to your visit and will receive you warmly.

For further information and details Mobarak is at your disposal.